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Shark diving is now the new trend and each year there are more and more businesses opening worldwide with the intention of educating the world about all types of sharks. Thousands of people each year travel to remote destinations in the world to see and dive with sharks. Shark diving with the great white sharks of Gansbaai in South Africa is possibly the greatest thrill that you will ever experience.

The Shark Bookings service makes it easy to give people the opportunity to find shark diving operators not only in South Africa but around the globe, book a tour and leave the normal world behind while spending time on the ocean with these amazing creatures. Shark Bookings provides a hassle free service and takes no commission ensuring great value for money at the best prices. 

The Shark Bookings Service

There are currently 8 cage diving operators in Gansbaai, all operate around Dyer Island, Geyser Rock or in Shark Alley depending on the conditions. Shark Bookings has developed a relationship with the top operators in the area and is able to bring you an unrivalled choice when deciding on a white shark diving trip. To find out more about what each operator has to offer click on a logo.

All of the operators are highly experienced and offer a variety of quality and price options. Some companies offer less expensive days out diving but fill the boat with a greater number of people to make it affordable. Other companies charge a little more for the experience but operate with only a small number of people on the boat. This is much better if you can afford it as you will possibly get more diving time in the cage with the sharks than on other boats.

On an average winters day in peak season the boats view approximately 7 different sharks in a day. There are some special days however when it is a far greater number. For example in May 2003 there was a day when there were up to 27 great white sharks around one boat for the morning period alone.

We pride ourselves on providing a hassle free and 0% Commission added service to give people a fair deal when traveling worldwide for shark diving and viewing.

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