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February 2005 Newsletter

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Take a Hike

Greetings fellow discoverers, it's another month, and that means another fun filled edition. It's February and that means romance is in the air. Yes discoverers, Valentine's Day is nearly upon us - Cupid is carefully tweaking up his bow, birds are chirping merrily and all manner of delectable chocolates and other sweet little things are around for all to see.

A Special Valentines Day Idea

Yours truly has never been a huge fan of old Valentine - I'm always expected to go out of my way to romance Mrs Caped Discoverer, and I'm about as romantic as a toenail clipping. I still get cold shivers thinking about last year, when the tasty braai and beer meal (which I had meticulously prepared) ended up on my lap as my culinary skills failed to impress the missus. Nevertheless, I tend to be quite a resilient character and this year I'm going to pull out all the stops. Mrs Caped Discoverer loves the outdoors (we met at a camp site many, many moons ago) and this year I thought I'd take her on a romantic hike. (Well, as romantic as a hike can get I suppose) Join me as I prepare for the trip.

Be Prepared

We're pretty blessed here in the Cape in that we have such a large variety of hiking trails available to us. Whether it be cliffs, caves, beaches or rocky mountainsides - whatever your bag may be, you'll find it here. Of course one of the most important things to remember about hikes is this - you have to be reasonably fit. Fat or lazy people may battle a bit and if you're hiking in a large group, you may annoy everyone else with your whining and complaining. This has been known to lead to many injuries, and you may find a mysterious rock or large stone hurtling towards you. The lesson here is obvious - Know what you're getting yourself into.

Dress For The Occasion

Your choice of clothing is very important. Do not go hiking with the latest in Italian loafers or some fashionable slip-ons. You will become incredibly uncomfortable in an amazingly short space of time, and your feet certainly won't thank you for it. (Assuming of course, that your feet could actually talk). I'll be wearing comfortable hiking boots as well as my trusty safari suit. (People laugh at me but it keeps me cool). Light snacks for for having along the way is also vital - I'll be packing energy bars, the strawberry flavour - it's her favourite. I'll also be carrying a rucksack filled with a romantic spread, which I'll surprise her with along the way. We will be hiking up Kommetjie, past some old buildings, which were apparently World War II radar stations. The view is quite something, and I'll be taking a camera with as well, to capture my feeling of agony as my knees start to give in after the long journey. There will also be plenty of fynbos and most likely some small animals to look at. Although peace loving at heart, I tend to be irritated quite easily by small animals so I hope this won't be much of a problem.

Get Out There And Do It

Anyhow, I think this should score me some brownie points this year. I know Valentine's Day falls on a Monday, but you can do this on the Sunday, so there's no real excuse for you not go. As I mentioned earlier, there are so many trails available in Cape Town, try a gentle beach walk if you're not sure about the whole hiking thing, and then take it from there. Feel free to mail me and let me know how it goes.

Signing off.
The Caped Discoverer


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