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November 2005 Newsletter

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Surviving The Festive Season

Wow, this year has really flown by hasn't it? It seems like only yesterday that I was feeling a little worse for wear, having over indulged during the festive season... actually that was yesterday, I'm getting an early start this year. Yes, it's the festive season, and that means only one thing - parties, and lots of them. If you're a bit of a social animal such as myself, you're probably as excited as a fat kid in a cake store right now, and with good reason. In Cape Town, we're blessed with an abundance of events and great happenings for the next few weeks, which again illustrates just how much cooler we are than everyone else.

So, having skimmed through various websites - as well as listening to the word on the street - I've come up with a few things which may tickle your fancy over the next month or so:

Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts

From December till end-of-Summer - The Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts returns, and who knows what's in store this year? Every Sunday evening during the Summer months (because no one likes to perform in the rain) audiences will be treated to a range of musicians and artists, ranging from Freshly Ground to Flat Stanley. Freshly Ground is of course well known for the release of that much-loved "Doobie doobie doobie" song which is a heavy contender with the likes of "Barbie Girl" and "Macarena" as the most annoying song ever recorded. Everyone loves it though so I guess I'm in the minority here.

Adderley Street Night Market

17 - 30 December - The Adderley Street Night Market - See Cape Town alive at night! This is pretty nifty and I really love this, because normally you wouldn't want to be walking around the CBD at 11pm (unless you want your wallet stolen, or you're looking to feed your drug habit) The grand opening is on the 17th of December, and will feature top bands and performers. There will be about 220 different stalls, offering an assortment of local goods and foods. There will be free parking at the Golden Acre, and strict security so you can feel safe and enjoy the night out. Last year drew something like 150 000 visitors and this year organisers are expecting similar numbers.

Cape Minstrel Carnival

18 December - 2 January - The Cape Minstrel Carnival - Yes, the famous Cape minstrels, who march and dance in the blazing sun for our entertainment. It culminates on the 2 January, or "tweede nuwe jaar" where they again march and dance in the blazing sun for our entertainment. They wear shiny little coats and hats and have innovative troupe names like the "Majestics" and the "Fantastics". Winners are chosen, who then proceed to march and dance in the blazing sun for our entertainment.

New Years Eve Concert at Kirstenbosch

31 December - Kirstenbosch New Year's Eve Concert - We're back at Kirstenbosch for a great New Years Eve bash featuring the rockish-pop band Watershed and our very own R&B sensation Loyiso. Organisers are expecting a bumper crowd of 5000 so book early or you'll miss out and be forced to spend your New Years eve at home with your old Aunt Doris who smells of copper and keeps wanting to know when you're getting married.

Besides these events there are of course a wide variety of private parties thrown by people you know, as well as an even wider variety of parties thrown by people you don't know. This is not a major issue though, as long as you insure you attend these said parties with large groups (travel with a minimum of 4-5 friends) Cape Town is actually a small, heavily networked environment, and chances are very likely that someone in your traveling party will know the host/hostess.

And so we bid farewell to 2005. Have fun, and let's hear some of your crazy, and maybe not so crazy antics over the next few weeks. No boring stories though, so rather tell a few people about your adventures first, canvassing general opinion before sending these through to me.

Till Next Year

Till next year then, this is your Caped Discoverer signing off. Enjoy!

Signing off.
The Caped Discoverer



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