The Wild Flower Route

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Namaqualand is a semi-desert environment, however in the spring
(July to September) depending on the rains, a miracle occurs. As the rains soak into the thirsty earth, millions upon millions of flowers emerge in a  phenomenal explosion of colour which transforms the landscape into a wonderland of beauty.

Namaqualand stretches from the small town of Garies in the south to the Orange River to the north, its western border is the wild Atlantic coast, the remote town of Pofadder marks the eastern border.

The Namaqualand spring flowers are justifiably world famous. In a good year this botanical masterpiece puts on a show that is unrivaled anywhere on Earth. If you experience this natural wonder you will remember it for the rest of your life.

The Namaqua National Park has been established to protect this unique phenomenon. There is no official accommodation in the park, however there are many hotels, guest houses, B&Bs and camping sites available in and around the small towns that dot the vast landscape.

Garies is one of the most popular tourism centres in the spring flower region.

Garies Tourist Information phone number: 027 - 652 1014

Kamieskroon is another popular flower town. The Skilpad Wild Flower Reserve is located nearby and is definitely worth a visit in the season.

Kamieskroon Tourist Information Phone number: 027 - 672 1627

Springbok is the capital of the Namakwa region and is centrally located to give you good access to the area.

Springbok Tourist Information Phone number: 027 - 712 2011

Port Nolloth
Port Nolloth is a small harbour town on the Atlantic coast.

Port Nolloth Tourist Information Phone number: 027 - 851 8229

Pofadder is a small remote town that was first established as a mission station in 1875.

Pofadder Tourist Information Phone number: 054 - 933 0063

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Namaqua Daisies

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