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Addo Elephant Park

Situated in a malaria free area just one hour's drive from the South African coastal city of Port Elizabeth, this magnificently diverse national park offers a wide variety of game viewing, outdoor adventure, accommodation and cultural experiences.

A great diversity of landscapes and natural vegetation assure a wide variety of game viewing and outdoor adventure opportunities. To make the most of your time in the park be sure to bring along binoculars, camera, walking shoes and wildlife reference books. Road maps of tourist routes within the park are available at the reception area.


The Addo Elephant National Park was established in 1931 to protect the last 11 wild elephants from extermination.

Today more than 350 elephants roam through an area that is so diverse that no matter how many times you experience it, its magic will never fail to captivate you. On a good day, Addo Elephant National Park offers the greatest elephant spectacle on earth. The park also offers excellent viewing of black rhino, Cape buffalo and leopard, as well as a host of other large and small mammals and over 400 species of birds in the greater park area.


A number of activities are available in the park.

Game Drives and Game Viewing
Horse Trails
4X4 Trails

Bird Watching

Useful Information

Temperate to mild to warm, with annual rainfall of 450 mm occurring throughout the year.

Day Visitors
Day visitors are welcome both in the Addo Elephant section and the Zuurberg section is exclusively for day visitors.

Park: Tel +27 42 233 0556/7 . Fax +27 42 233 0196

Handy Hints
Bring along binoculars, camera walking shoes and wildlife reference books.
Road maps of tourist routes within the park are available at the reception area.

Take Note
Pets are not allowed in national parks.
Firearms to be declared at reception where they will be sealed.
No citrus fruits may be brought into the park.
Medical and police services are available at Addo Village

Travel / How to get there
The park is situated 72 km from Port Elizabeth in the Sundays River Valley and Zuurberg Mountain range. The access road from the main road (4 km) is tarred as far as the restcamp. Roads within the restcamp are tarred - all other internal roads are gravel.

Gate Hours
Addo: 07:00 - 19:00 throughout the year
Zuurberg: 07:30 - 16:30 throughout the year

Contact Details

Tel: + 27 42 2330556
Fax: + 27 42 2330196 

Useful Websites

Official Website:
S.A National Parks:

Addo Elephant Park

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Horseback Elephant Viewing

Elephant Viewing on Horseback

African Buffalo

African Buffalo

African Rhino

African Rhino

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