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Africa's top on-the-ground facilitator of   volunteer work in Africa. We offer a variety of exciting and rewarding volunteer programs suitable for anyone looking to make a real difference during their gap year, career break, leisure travels or working holiday abroad.

Our volunteer projects focus on making a measurable impact on the people and wildlife in Africa, while ensuring that our volunteers have a safe, enjoyable, adventurous, unforgettable and life-changing experience in Africa.

Africa is a continent of great diversity and astounding natural beauty that is home to a number of traditional and colourful cultures. An eclectic mix of fast-paced cosmopolitan city life, agrarian and traditional village cultures, provide a variety of options for volunteer work in Africa.

Given all of this, we firmly believe that Africa needs to be "experienced" and not just "seen" - hence our motto: Explore, Inspire, Impact. We therefore invite you to be more than a tourist - to be a traveler, a conservationist and a humanitarian.

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Although our volunteers are always amazed by how much they experience and learn during their gap year in Africa, most are even more amazed at what they learn about themselves during their unique African encounter.

Our ultimate aim is to provide a safe and supervised environment within which travelers from abroad are able to make a tangible difference to wildlife and communities on the African continent, leaving you with a great sense of satisfaction and memories to last a lifetime!


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